AROS stuff
2005/11/26 14:09:10, kal
Hi, all. The AROS-stuff front's been pretty quiet for a while, owning to other obligations which've taken a fair bit of my time. Have faith, though -- I haven't forgotten about AROS.

In fact, I've begun the migration to that I've mentioned before. AROS-stuff news can now be found at This will eventually grow into either a full subsite, a new website here, or a site elsewhere (depending on my monetary situation when I begin coding it up, and on the bandwidth I'll need).

My domain registration here ( will expire some time in 2006, and I will not renew it (too much money for too little service). So start redirecting your links, folks: either or
"Code changes!" they cried.
2004/12/08 11:38:01, kal
As I've said before, I'm too busy with other stuff to update AROS-stuff a lot these days. I have, however, added a few links to some of my other 'net-homes; and I've made some changes to my adminly pages (which you'll never see, but they're really cool;)), plus some changes to some of the XML-parsing code, which may (or may not) speed up the site (marginally). (And yes, I am aware that the site looks crappy in IE. I'm not fixing it, it's IE's fault. Get a real browser). In addition to all that, I've prettied up the sources-page a bit; not at all much, but still.

I am working on some stuff, which will, hopefully, some day be done (and may actually be a bit usefull). I won't give you an ETA, because I'm hopeless at meeting deadlines, but Real Soon Now™ ;)

My perlmonks node,, has links to all my other pages; so if you're absolutely dying to see what I'm up to, that's the place to go.

Somewhat OT, but: while making some of the adminly changes mentioned above, I noticed that I've forgotten a lot of my reasoning behind the code. It's scary. Let that be a lesson to you, kids: Be kind, comment! (Yeah, I wish that rhymed, too).
2004/09/25 02:01:04, kal
Being busy with school, work, and my DVD collection, I haven't coded anything in ages. Which is why there haven't been any updates here in ages. I've started on a couple of projects, but they're still far from usable.

If you're dying for something kal-related, come visit my deviantART page @; there's a bit of activity there...
2004/07/10 07:40:57, kal
Nope. Still no new software. I have, however, added a link to Olivier Adam's AROS Workshop.

I have some software which I've tought about writing, nothing definite yet, but there should be something new within a month (or two, or three)...
No updates
2004/05/16 06:57:33, kal
As you've no doubt noticed, there've been no updates lately (and the promised website reorganization is a no show, too). I've been busy with other projects, and will continue to be, I'm afraid.

So, don't expect any updates for some time. Sorry. There're just too many other - more interesting - things on my mind right now.
Tiny update
2004/04/24 12:39:47, kal
Updated read to 0.3.2, go download.

Haven't gotten started with the website re-org yet, I'll get on it tomorrow. (Unless something more interesting comes along ;)).
So fresh, so clean
2004/04/22 08:30:09, kal
Cleaned up a bit, removed obsolete versions of programs (they're still available from sourceforge, if you're perverse in some way).

Also added Nenscript 1.13.3 and Nroff 1.10, and updated Read to 0.3.1.

Gonna start working on a reorganization of the site this weekend, dunno how long it'll take, but probably less than a week.
Tools, anyone?
2004/04/19 11:02:51, kal
Update read to version 0.3, added necho and dgrep.

Working on porting some GNU stuff, got some things done - I'll probably upload something during the week.

Site needs a bit of a reorganization - it's impossible to find anything. I'll need to move software into categories. Well, in my copious free time™, as always...
A wonderful update
2004/04/17 02:50:35, kal
Added read 0.2.6, ztools 7/3.1, and CipherSaber 0.7.

Go download!
Another small update
2004/04/11 03:27:24, kal
Added Frotz 2.41, (which actually works, unlike Dumb Frotz 2.32).

I'm working on some more IF stuff, you might, for example, see an AROS port of GlkTerm (used by, among other programs, Glulxe) in the not too distant future. There'll also be an update to Inform shortly.
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"Code changes!" they cried.
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Latest Software
read 0.3.6
kal, 2004/04/30 07:14:24.

nroff 1.10
kal, 2004/04/22 08:29:10.

Nenscript 1.13.3
kal, 2004/04/22 08:23:53.

necho 0.2.3
kal, 2004/04/19 10:58:47.

dgrep 0.1.4
kal, 2004/04/19 10:49:42.

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