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AROS development/info
The main AROS website. From here you can download AROS, find documentation, join mailing lists, &c
AROS community website. Pretty damn cool.

The TeamAROS website. Grass roots AROS development, basically the put out bounties for code (drivers/applications/&c) which needs to be written.

Matt "Crazy" Parsons's AROS page
Among other things: AROS floppy images and ISOs.
Oliver Gantert's AROS page.

AROS Workshop
Olivier Adam's AROS projects.

AROS software

The AROS port of Python.

Development Tools

Tools used for developing AROS software

The AROS Software Development Kit, for cross-compiling AROS software on Linux. This is my main development tool.

Native GCC
Fabio Alemagna's native GCC port - this is still beta, better stick to the SDK for production stuff. The link is to Fabio's announcement on the TeamAROS mailing list. What you should really do, is download the GCC sources, and the AROS contrib sources; apply the diffs and compile your own binary.

Also used, are various GNU tools, such as Make and sed - which can be found here.

Tools used for developing

The pages on this site are served by the Apache Web Server.

GNU Nano
A small, fast text-editor. My editor of choice.

The GNU Image Manipulation Program, a good Open Source alternative to PaintShop Pro, Photoshop, &c.

Jasc Paint Shop Pro
My graphic tool of choice, the top graphic was made using PSP (actually, the background is a detail from an ink drawing, scanned and inverted - sorry I don't remember what pen I used, or I'd link you to the manufacturer).

The PHP Hypertext Processor, one of my favourite languages.

The Quanta Plus web development tool, pretty good stuff.

Other Links


A great project, and host of AROS-stuff.
Cheap domain names - free, infact.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation - support free speech online.

Slackware Linux
My GNU/Linux distro of choice.

My deviantART-page.
My perlmonks home node.
My nest at Contemplicity.

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