AROS stuff
2004/04/02 00:49:43, kal
Added Glulxe 0.3.5.

It's compiled using the CheapGlk library (if that means nothing to you, just skip the rest of this news entry), which means it's not too pretty. I'll try to get a better version done (as I should do with Frotz as well) in the near future, probably using GlkTerm...
Inform 6.3 added!
2004/04/02 00:46:33, kal
Yup, added Inform 6.3.

I'm working on a few things -- expect more updates soon.
2004/03/15 14:36:58, kal
Added tools (in nav above); nothing special there, just a couple of kinda usefull tools.
Not an update
2004/03/10 14:10:57, kal
Sorry 'bout the lack of updates lately - I've been busy with other stuff lately, I'm afraid. Hopefully I can get something new done within a week or two (I'm also planning something that'll probably take more than a couple of weeks, but which'll be worth the wait, if and when it's done).
Another small update
2004/02/01 14:06:38, kal
Added SNG 1.0.2, a little script-language to define PNG files programmatically.

Another update to UMB Scheme - fixed the installer, and the test script; changed archive format from tar.gz to tar.bz2.
Smallest of updates
2004/01/27 05:31:02, kal
I've added a text version of the classic Elite. Apparently coded by Ian Bell (with enhancements by Duane McDonnell (and yours truly)).

Also updated the description for UMB Scheme (that's why it's at the top of the "Latest Software" list). Apparently the bug wasn't in the Interpreter but in my test scripts.

I've been thinking about what to port next. Vim is at the top of my list, but it'd require so much work, that I haven't been able to bring myself to start yet. We'll see...
Finally up
2004/01/25 09:51:32, kal
Yes. It's finally finished.

Welcome to the AROS stuff website. Now if you excuse me, I'll go back to porting some software...
Slight delay...
2004/01/07 12:46:04, kal
As usual, I've been a bit over-optimistic. Expect the website to be done by the end of next week, rather than this weekend.
Files uploaded
2004/01/07 01:00:10, kal
OK. All files have know been uploaded. I'll get started on the website this evening (it's morning right now in Sweden). Expect it to be done in a couple of days. After that, maybe I can get back to writing some software...
Project started
2004/01/27 05:36:40, kal
Started the project, and began uploading files.

I'll get working on a website as soon as all files have been uploaded. It should be done by the weekend, and will be available @
Latest News
kal, 2005/11/26 14:09:10.

"Code changes!" they cried.
kal, 2004/12/08 11:38:01.

kal, 2004/09/25 02:01:04.

kal, 2004/07/10 07:40:57.

No updates
kal, 2004/05/16 06:57:33.

Latest Software
read 0.3.6
kal, 2004/04/30 07:14:24.

nroff 1.10
kal, 2004/04/22 08:29:10.

Nenscript 1.13.3
kal, 2004/04/22 08:23:53.

necho 0.2.3
kal, 2004/04/19 10:58:47.

dgrep 0.1.4
kal, 2004/04/19 10:49:42.

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