AROS stuff
AROS Fortune 0.4.2
2004/01/25 17:04:33, kal
Shows random fortunes in a requester, or in a CLI window.
CipherSaber 0.7
2004/04/17 02:32:18, kal
Encryption program which uses the CipherSaber variant of the RC4 algorithm (optionally hashing the passphrase with the SHA-512 algorithm), to encrypt files.

Ah. SubVersion bump. Added support for SHA-512, plus lots of minor changes. Source is now somewhat portable.
dgrep 0.1.4
2004/04/19 10:49:42, kal
A little grep for AROS, you can use regexes. Just made this to see if GNU regex worked. It does ;)
Frotz 2.41
2004/04/11 03:21:00, kal
This is the stdio version of AmigaFrotz (with some small changes) compiled for AROS-i386. It uses ANSI escape sequences to control the cursor, which makes it a whole lot more useable than Dumb Frotz.

A couple of games are included (Advent and The Encyclopedia Frobozzica), for testing purposes mainly. For more games visit The IF Archive.
False 1.2b
2004/01/27 05:35:21, kal
Wouter van Oortmerssen's ( False programming language.
Glulxe 0.3.5
2004/04/02 00:45:43, kal
This is an interpreter for the Glulx VM (just as Frotz is an interpreter for the Z-Machine VM). It is used to play games which have been compiled into the Glulx format (which can, for example, be done with Inform).

It was compiled using the CheapGlk library (which is included).

See the Glulx homepage for more information.
GNU bc 1.06
2004/01/24 12:24:15, kal
An arbitrary precision calculator language.
GNU ed 0.2
2004/01/25 15:06:17, kal
"ed is the standard text editor", as the man page used to say. A line-oriented editor, with pretty advanced features.
GNU sed 3.02
2004/01/24 12:19:29, kal
GNU sed (stream editor) - a non-interactive text editor. Very useful for automated text-processing.
Indent 2.2.6
2004/01/24 12:17:30, kal
Indent is a formatter for C/C++ source code - it has a multitude of options to customize formatting.
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Latest Software
read 0.3.6
kal, 2004/04/30 07:14:24.

nroff 1.10
kal, 2004/04/22 08:29:10.

Nenscript 1.13.3
kal, 2004/04/22 08:23:53.

necho 0.2.3
kal, 2004/04/19 10:58:47.

dgrep 0.1.4
kal, 2004/04/19 10:49:42.

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