AROS stuff
Inform 6.3
2004/03/18 02:38:49, kal
Version 6.3 of the Inform compiler - used for writing text adventures (interactive fiction), which can be run on a Z-Machine, such as `frotz', which can be found elsewhere on this site.

This is a binary-only gzip - sources and documentation can be found at

Z-Machines and Games (and lots, lots more) can be found at the IF Archive.
necho 0.2.3
2004/04/19 10:58:47, kal
A little echo tool. Compatible (well, kinda) with both with GNU and Amiga/AROS echo.
Nenscript 1.13.3
2004/04/22 08:23:53, kal
Nenscript converts text files into postscript.
nroff 1.10
2004/04/22 08:29:10, kal
A text processor and formatter.
Pascal to C 1.21
2004/01/24 12:13:03, kal
p2c 1.21 - converts Pascal into C, which can the be compiled with a C compiler.
read 0.3.6
2004/04/30 07:14:24, kal
This is an AROS implementation of the bash builtin `read', more or less complete, with some improvements (IMHO).

Another update: bugfixes, mostly. A few new features, see the changelog.
SNG 1.0.2
2004/02/01 14:00:27, kal
Scriptable Network Graphics, a tool to convert PNG files to and from a mini language which represents images in an editable text format.
Text Elite 1.1
2004/01/27 05:35:55, kal
This is Ian Bell's text version of the classic game Elite. Based on a version found on Aminet.
UMB Scheme 2.12
2004/01/27 05:36:19, kal
The UMB Scheme interpreter.

This is an editorial update brought to you by the God of Bugs™: there's absolutely nothing buggy about this - it works fine. It was my test script that was buggy.

ztools 7/3.1
2004/04/17 02:44:12, kal
Some tools for working with Z-Machine files.
Latest News
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"Code changes!" they cried.
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No updates
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Latest Software
read 0.3.6
kal, 2004/04/30 07:14:24.

nroff 1.10
kal, 2004/04/22 08:29:10.

Nenscript 1.13.3
kal, 2004/04/22 08:23:53.

necho 0.2.3
kal, 2004/04/19 10:58:47.

dgrep 0.1.4
kal, 2004/04/19 10:49:42.

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