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Here's where I'll try to collect some tools, which may (or may not) be usefull when working on Amiga/AROS code.

There's not much here yet. But I'll add stuff as I write it.
The Tools
ag2html (AmigaGuide™ to HTML) - download
A perl script which converts an AmigaGuide™ document to HTML files (one for each node).

amiver (Amiga Version) - download
A shell script which searches files for Amiga Version strings. I have no idea why I needed this, but it might come in handy.

fisher - download
Perl script to search a KingFisher database of Fish disks (included).
Latest News
kal, 2005/11/26 14:09:10.

"Code changes!" they cried.
kal, 2004/12/08 11:38:01.

kal, 2004/09/25 02:01:04.

kal, 2004/07/10 07:40:57.

No updates
kal, 2004/05/16 06:57:33.

Latest Software
read 0.3.6
kal, 2004/04/30 07:14:24.

nroff 1.10
kal, 2004/04/22 08:29:10.

Nenscript 1.13.3
kal, 2004/04/22 08:23:53.

necho 0.2.3
kal, 2004/04/19 10:58:47.

dgrep 0.1.4
kal, 2004/04/19 10:49:42.

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